ASBL & governance

The Brussels Choral Society is a non-profit making organisation with the legal status of a Belgian ASBL/VZW—literally, an association without lucrative aims. The BCS is entirely self-funding and, with the exception of occasional charitable donations, all BCS revenues support the choir’s ongoing activities and expenses.

The BCS is governed by a constitution that was published in the official Moniteur belge on 29 March 2004. It also has a set of Internal Rules which provide more details on how the society is run.

The BCS is run by a Board of Directors elected annually by the members and consisting of a President, three Vice-presidents, a Treasurer, a Secretary and a Representative of each of the four voice sections. The Musical Director normally attends Board meetings as an advisor. The Board takes all major decisions affecting the choir other than those reserved for the members at a general meeting.

The Board is supplemented by an Executive Committee (EC) consisting of the President, the Vice-presidents, the Treasurer and the Secretary and is also attended by the Musical Director. The EC implements the Board’s decisions and is responsible for the day-to-day operation of the BCS as well as the detailed execution of projects such as concerts or workshops.

Other choir members contribute to various aspects of the running of the BCS. All choir members formally elect the Board of Directors and participate in a number of decisions at the Annual General Meeting when they are given an opportunity to provide their views on any aspect of the society’s activities.